Vision, Mission & Values


Harston Primary School’s vision is to work towards and create a community of independent and self-disciplined learners who employ high level thinking skills with relevant information and communication skills, across all aspects of learning.



Harston Primary School’s mission is for “All children to have the right to a high-quality education taught by high quality staff”. All children have the right to be happy and safe, in a supportive and stimulating environment. All children are part of a wider community where learning is “For Life”.




Harston primary School has three core values using the acronym HPS. Using the ‘peapod character’ developed to represent growing together.  



H- Happy P- Participating and S - Strategies



Everyone learns more when they are happy and then they feel like they can participate. By learning strategies to deal with real life individual issues students then have more ownership and feel happier and are more willing to participate. The school is known to families for its strong emphasis on differentiated learning, where students share a whole-school classroom and work on individual learning points of need resulting in strong user-friendly strategies. Staff partners closely with families to achieve student outcomes everyone can take pride in.



Harston Primary School acknowledges that the behaviour of staff, parents, carers and students has an impact on our school community and culture. We acknowledge a shared responsibility to create a positive learning environment for the children and young people at our school. 


Harston Primary School welcomes you and your family to our school. Come in and say hello.

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